The TICA Great Lakes region includes:

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Manitoba Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Nunavut Canada, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Messages From Our Regional Director: TICA Regional 2022

I am so thrilled to spend the evening with you , my friends, as we celebrate the 2022 Great Lakes winners with us in Zanesville, Ohio. We have the best cats and members in TICA & I am thrilled we are here to honor not only our best cats, but our friendships. I want to thank Buckeye Ohio Rollers for hosting this year’s Regional Awards Show & Banquet. I also want to thank the clubs that support our awards and region with their $1/entry donations. Every club in our region supports this cause and it is appreciated. Finally, I want to thank YOU for supporting the region with your entries, sponsorship and overall support. If you are picking up an award tonight, congratulations! If you are here from outside the region, welcome. If you are from the region, but not picking up an award, I challenge you this new season to get out there and show (and join a club too). Please enjoy your dinner, time with friends and the awards ceremony!

2022 TICA ANNUAL was hosted by
Showcats in Chicago, IL, and was a huge success!


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