A Message from our President Regarding the 20/21 Show Season

THE TICA Board of Directors is NOT having any type of discussion about changing the status of wins for the 2020-2021 show season. The International and Regional wins earned will stand as they are.

 It was decided by the BOD last year that no additional rules or regulations would be put in place because of the pandemic. The show season would be allowed to go forward normally. This would allow clubs to put on shows as  pandemic restrictions were lifted locally. There were no changes made to the way either RWs or IWs are earned. The BOD did vote to have all Regions of TICA under Isolated Status rules for the 2020-2021 show season. The BOD just voted to extend the Isolated Status for all Regions for the 2021-2022 show season.

We are having a discussion about point minimums for the 2021-2022 show season. There will be a Board Ballot to vote on this within the next couple of days. The results of the Board Ballot will be available on the TICA website after voting is complete.

To answer the question about what we will be discussing concerning the Annual at May meeting, we will be discussing and voting on when and where the  2020-2021 Annual Awards Presentation will be held.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your Regional Director or you can email me at ticavjh@gmail.com.

Vicki Jo Harrison
TICA President

Regional Meeting November 2019

Treasury balance: $3320.49 – all award bills have been paid.

Mark your calendars for the following shows:
– GlassCiTICAts, February 7 – 9 in Maumee, OH
– Showcats Columbus, March 13 – 15 in Columbus, OH
– Great Lakes Friends of Felines, March 20 – 22 in Arlington Heights, IL
– Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers, April 25 – 26 in Racine, WI

Yahoogroups is going away. New regional and TICA email lists will move to Groups.io
You can join by creating an account on groups.io and then send email to:

2022 TICA Annual – Showcats in Chicago

2019 Ballot Results:
GL Regional Director: Liz Hansen-Brown
Amend By-Law 118.2 and 118.2.2 (Standard Change Ballots)
Amend Show Rule 23.5, 216.14 (Declawed Cats)

Meet The Breeds (TICA_AKC) in New York City on January 25-26, 2020
Contact Jackie Rose, cuddlebugpersians@msn.com or Cheryl Hogan at Cheryl@glory2glory.com for more details about organizing a breed booth.


Did you get an email that your ticket was closed (and yet you don’t believe the work was completed)? Typically, in such a case, the EO sent you an answer but you did not reply for 7 days. check your email (you may have missed it). Once you find it, you can click on the link that is included in the email – that way you will see the entire correspondence including any answers the EO sent to you. You can also reply to email and just state that you have not received whatever it was you requested – however, this may very well result in you getting a reply back telling or asking you again what was already sent to you previously (around 7 days ago).
WHAT YOU SHOULD *NOY* DO IS CREATE A NEW TICKET. It makes it difficult for the EO to connect the two tickets and figure out what it is you want.

Reserve your spot for showcasing your cats/cattery and order your book today! See Chris Unangst for more details or order online.