May 23, 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Financial Report
Key points: Our revenues are coming in a lot stronger than we had anticipated. Registrations and memberships are performing well above the budgeted expectations. $400+K above budget.
Overtime is high as the staff at the EO is committed to working on the backlog. Motion to move $200K to our cash portfolio. PASSES

Proposed Budget FY 2022
Motion to adopt the budget as presented with two edits ($25K to budget for a show application program & salary schedule adjustment for a vacant position at the EO). PASSES
Regional Rebates
Discussion & options on how to handle the rebates for this past show season.
Motion to accept Option 1 as presented to the Board for modified regional rebate – PASSES
Note: Great Lakes will get $800 in a regional rebate. This is approximately 50% of what we would normally get, but we have approximately 56% of the RW awards to present.
COO Update Report 1. Performance Measures2. Marketing3. New Website (launch is expected late August)4. SalesforceNote: COO Nevarez will send his complete Powerpoint to the BOD to share and also release a video to membership.

May 22, 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Note: Vicki Jo Harrison is at the EO and the ladies in the office are working overtime for us (working on the ticket backlog). Some are putting in 10-hour days. Some were there when she arrived at 6 am today, the weekend.

  • Amend Reg Rule 33.3.1 (Genetics Review of new Experimental Breeds) PASSES & GOES TO MEMBERSHIP IN FALL FOR VOTE with friendly amendment to remove the “…or 33.9.4” at the end of
  • Add New Reg Rule 33.3.2 and re-number 33.3.2 etc (Duration in Experimental Record  WITHDRAWN FOR WORK BY AUTHOR
  • Amend Reg Rules 33.3.2 and (mutation ownership voting) WITHDRAWN FOR WORK BY AUTHOR
  • Amend Reg Rule 36.6.1 and 37.2.1 (Outcrosses within Cat I)  MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES & GOES TO MEMBERSHIP IN FALL FOR VOTE
  • Amend Reg Rules, 37.6,37.8.3 (Amend Cat V Definitions) WITHDRAWN BY AUTHOR
  • Add new Reg Rule 39.16 (Transfer Documentation) with friendly amendment for the last sentence  “The breeder/seller will never have to provide this documentation until payment is made in full.”   MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES & GOES TO MEMBERSHIP IN FALL FOR VOTE
  • Amend Judging Program Article SIX (Provisional Allbreed Judge) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Motion by Amend JP 41.1.10 to read “Approving acceptance into and advancements within the Judging Program.” MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Amend Judging Program Article SEVEN (Approved Allbreed) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Amending Standing Rules 106.2.1, 106.2.2 and (Judging Committee)  WITHDRAWN FOR WORK BY AUTHOR
  • Amend Standing Rule (Selection of TICA Judging Administrator and Deputy Judging Administrator) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Amend Standing Rule 109.1.1 (Annual Rotation) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • APPROVED: Postpone the 2021 Annual Awards Banquet and Presentation to January 29, 2022, in Houston, TX .
    Note: TICA has a non-refundable deposit with the venue in Houston from the January 2021 banquet that will be used.
  • APPROVED: Suspend the Annual Show/Awards Banquet Guidelines for the 2021 Awards Ceremony

May 21 Spring Board Meeting Notes

Friday, May 21, 7 – 11 AM

TICA Spring Board Meeting

Approval of Consent Agenda: PASSES

Approval of March 10, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes

Set Annual Meeting: September 1-3, 2021, Telephonic


Conflict of Interest Statement – Annual Certification

Nondisclosure Agreement – Adler

Governance: Breed Committee Appointments
*NOTE: While the board is happy to appoint these folks in working to make our breed committees active, we encourage applicants to apply through the standard process and allow their peers to elect them.

Appointment to Abyssinian Breed Committee
Gary Hoffman 

Appointment to American Curl (SH/LH) Breed Committee
Linda Bull
Joe Ruga
Grace Ruga (Chair)

Appointment to Australian Mist Breed Committee
Andrea Schlicker
Karen Henneke

Appointment to Burmese/Bombay Breed Committee
Theo Mitchell
Beata Broing

Appointment to Devon Rex Breed Committee
Ellen Crockett
Michelle Piatt

Appointment to Donskoy Breed Committee
Lilya Kovalenko

Appointment to Havana Breed Committee
Cornelia Schofield
Geraldine McKerlie

Appointment to Household Pet Breed Committee
Judith Milling
Patricia Clary
Michelle Whiting

Appointment to Lykoi Breed Committee
Desiree Bobby

Appointment to Norwegian Forest Breed Committee
Donna Armel (Chair)
Jim Armel
Melissa Waller
Tracy Hisel
Wonsun Jang

Appointment to Persian/Himalayan/Exotic Shorthair Breed Committee
Angela Millican
Brigitte Pouilot

Appointment to Scottish Fold/Straight(SH/LH) Breed Committee
Marto Upham
Paul Harrison
Sauncha Romey

Appointment to Toyger Breed Committee
Sofia Larabi
Zhong Li

Follow-Up Report
Genetics Registry Working Group Update
: This group is working on what data could be added to our pedigrees and what other registries use on their pedigrees. The space on our pedigrees is limited so the group determined that the DNA info is vital for our cats and the available info will only grow over the years. We felt it was more important to expand our database to include all and include something like a QR code or weblink on the pedigree and also a note of how the data was obtained (owner submission or vet ID verification). We want to involve the breed committees in this as well to learn what genetic testing is important to their respective breeds. The committees are in a unique position to help the breeders with recommendations and education about the health of their cats. 
We also found another topic upon discussion. At this moment, when you register a cat/kitten, you can register as non-standard. This info isn’t always accurate through the EO, but the new IT system will fix this. Even worse, this info doesn’t show on our pedigrees/registration. Example: a non-curly Selkirk is registered as a non-standard Selkirk, but that info doesn’t show on a pedigree. The individual breed committees have corrected this with some breeds (such as MC vs MCP) as adding a new breed to the breed group. The working group suggests further discussion on how to track this accurately.

Amend By-Law 17.4 (Breed Committee Duties)  TAKE NO ACTION PASSES

Note: These should be guidelines for our breed committees, but not rules.

Amend By-Law Article Ten and Delete Standing Rules 1010.1 and 1010.1.1 (Board Ballots) FAILS

GL Regional Award Sponsorships Available!

A form available to sponsor awards when the final lists are out. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t let me know now the awards you wish to sponsor. Just email me with which cats you would like to sponsor and I will let you know if they are still available. I am using the most current estimated standings which can be found at….
Click on Standings by Region and scroll to Great Lakes and there will be a list of winners there.
Plaque sponsorship are as follows:
Best – $50
2nd-10th – $20
11th-25th – $15 

We will have plaques for:
• Top Allbreed cats (these will include their longhair/shorthair placement)
• Top Longhair/Shorthair cats (not in the top-25 Allbreed)
• Top Kittens
• Top Alters
• Top Household Pet Kittens
• Top Household Pets

At this point you can sponsor a cat by name and award category. Once the awards list is finalized I will get with you on payment and how you want your sponsorship to read. (Or, if you know how you want your sponsorship to read, you can tell me that now )

If you have any questions, let me know.


Chris Unangst
GL Regional awards sponsorship coordinator