Member of the Year

Great Lakes Member Of The Year 2018-19
Chris Unangst

This year’s TICA Great Lakes member of the year is Chris Unangst. Chris has been TICA member for many, many years (over two-thirds of her life).  Over those years, she has been a member of four different TICA regions. She has bred different breeds, rescued cats in need, and shown in our five main competitive classes achieving international wins in all of them.

Chris works tirelessly both publicly and behind the scenes.  She has helped numerous clubs host successful shows.  She has worked diligently as clerk, master clerk, entry clerk, and show manager.  And yes, she also serves as one of our esteemed Allbreed judges. If that wasn’t enough, she (and Vanadis Crawford) work to create the beautiful PowerPoint presentation of winners at the awards banquets (both Regionally or Internationally). Chris is our talented TICA Yearbook editor. She also worked round the clock this summer to secure sponsorships for ALL of the Great Lakes awards (rosettes, plaques and trophies). This is no small task, but as you can see, Chris dedicates herself to our amazing region and TICA as a whole.

It’s was my sincere pleasure to present this year’s award of TICA Great Lakes member of the year to Chris Unangst.