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The Junior Exhibitor’s Program

Congratulations to all our Juniors on a great 2017-18 season!

2017-2018 Junior of the year:
Maddie Moir

Lily Alexander
Sophia Hudec
Kaylee Poe

Honorary Juniors
Chase Kerr

The TICA Junior Exhibitors Program is one for youth from eight to seventeen.  Younger children may be admitted at the discretion of the regional JE liaison.  Basically, the program consists of six levels through which the children may progress, with each level having different activities and testing questions.  At the three junior levels, the emphasis is on learning about TICA and the etiquettes and procedures of showing and basic cat health and welfare.  At the three senior levels, the emphasis is on advanced knowledge of cat showing, cat breeds, clerking, and TICA.  Youth involved in the program learn to be responsible and ethical cat exhibitors and care-takers and productive members of TICA.  Along the way, they will earn a TICA junior exhibitor’s award of excellence, become a TICA and regional club member, and learn a great deal about cat breeds and cat exhibition.  At the higher levels, they may become licensed TICA clerks.  Each child in the program has a mentor who is someone other than a parent or guardian, to be their counselor and oversee their progress in and enjoyment of the program.  Children will work on individual projects, participate in Junior Exhibitor rings, and perhaps group projects or activities like stewarding to support their local cat clubs.  In the Junior Exhibitor rings, they will present their cats and describe them, and answer basic questions about cats, show etiquette, and TICA.  Questions to be asked are available for advance review. This is a positive program, aimed at involving our young people in TICA and showing cats in a responsible and fun way.  The emphasis is on learning and having fun with their cats, not presentation skills, although those will be improved and enhanced with practice in the Junior Exhibitor rings.  It is a program designed to improve self-esteem, confidence, and interaction abilities of children along with knowledge of their cats and cat health and the TICA organization.

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Regional Liaison:  Heather Pedersen

You can forward any questions, comments and/or suggestions to a Regional Liaison or committee member and they will bring it to the committee’s attention.