If you are interested in joining a committee – contact your Regional Director. Everyone is welcome and needed!

Welcome Committee

Kim Chenault – Chair

This group works to welcome new exhibitors at their first show(s). You are there to be a “friend” that most new exhibitors don’t have. Help them throughout the show. We will also have a goodie bag to give each with supplies (cotton balls, cat toy, etc…). With a group on this committee, we can ensure that regardless of the show location, there will be at least one person present.

Social Media Committee

(possible chair pending, awaiting confirmation).

This group will work to post on the various social media (FB, twitter, snapchat, instagram) about the shows in our region. This is FREE ADVERTISING for our clubs/regions. Members don’t have to attend the actual shows, but if they are, can take pictures and make posts from the location.

Disaster Relief Committee

Nichole Kelland – Chair

This committee, modeled after the SC and SE committees, will work, when needed, to help individuals in the GL who are in need of support. Donations will be taken and the committee will assess all requests for assistance. Further description pending.

Regional Awards Committee

Rick Hoskinson & Nikki Crandall-Seibert –  Co-Chairs

This committee will assist me directly with all things related to our regional awards. From award letters to distribution of awards after the banquet, this group will assist. We will be looking to survey the region in January regarding the current plaques & rosettes to assess what the majority of the region desires as far as our awards.