Clerk of the Year

Great Lakes Clerk of the Year 2018-19
Dawn Faust

Dawn began showing in 1994 with household pets. She has since branched out and shown Maine Coons, Persians, Ragdolls and Himalayans. She has many beautiful Regional Winners.

She has been a member of many Great Lakes clubs (Nice Cat Club, Norwegian Cat Club, Around the House, Prairie State, Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers and Cats Rule) and worked to put on not only GL Regional shows, but also TICA Annuals hosted in the GL over the years.

Dawn has earned the honor of GL clerk of the year FOUR times. She has mentored most new clerks in the GL region & is always one of the first to offer to ring clerk for every show she enters. We miss her terribly in the GL, as she moved to Arkansas and the SC region in 2019, but are so glad she still returns for a few shows & is active in both the SC and SE regions.