New Rule Coming May 1, 2022

At the 2022 Winter Board meeting, the Board passed an amendment to Standing Rule 103.3.1 to unify membership dues across the association. With the necessary programming completed in TFMS, the following rates will take effect with the new year beginning May 1, 2022.

 Online TRENDPrinted TREND
1 Year$30$35 ($40 International)
5 Year$135$160 ($185 International)
1 Year Family$10$15 (North America only)
5 Year Family Membership$40$65 (North America only)
1 Year Junior$10$15 ($20 International)
5 Year Junior$40$65 ($90 International)
Life Membership$1000$1000
Printed TREND subscription (North America) per year$5
Printed TREND subscription (International) per year$10

For your reference, No matter when in a membership year (i.e. May 1 – April 30) a person joins TICA, he/she must renew that membership on May 1st in accordance with By-Laws 113.1, 113.1.1 and 113.1.2. Memberships paid in April expire on April 30th of the following year. Membership dues are not prorated.

TICA Ukraine Statement

TICA Donates $10,000 to Aid Ukraine Pets and Owners Impacted by the War

TICA’s Board of Directors passed a special ballot on March 8, 2022, to donate $7,500 USD to the Polish TICA Club, Klub Kota, to be used for purchase of food and supplies for pets and their owners affected by the war in Ukraine. TICA’s corporate affiliates contributed additional funds to allow a total of $10,000 USD for the first donation.

TICA’s Klub Kota has been working since the onset of the war and as of March 9, 2022, two van loads of supplies have been dispatched with more donations on the way.

Those wishing to join TICA in helping with Ukraine efforts can send donations via electronic transfers only bank or PayPal to:

PayPal Donations:
or donations to the club’s bank account: PL78249000050000450051502482

Please, clearly mark all bank and /or PayPal transfers with words “HELP FOR UKRAINIAN CATS”.

The International Cat Association condemns the aggressive actions of the Russian government against Ukraine. Our hearts go out to everyone negatively impacted by this crisis. We are deeply concerned for the welfare of our Ukrainian friends and family who are the victims of acts of violence.  With members in each of the affected areas and throughout the world, our hearts and prayers are with all who have suffered.

Animals are forgotten victims of war. They do not know war or conflict, and as many people have been displaced and forced to flee to safety with their cats, there is a need for shelter and emergency services.

The TICA community is coming together to offer aid and support to those in need. Please join TICA in helping with aid to Ukraine pets and owners by donating to the Polish TICA club, Klub Kota.

Additional TICA clubs accepting donations for relief aid to Ukraine families and their pets displaced by the war in Ukraine include:

TICA Europe West Club Felinology
PayPal donations can be made via Friends and Family to:
Or donations to Felinology’s JustGiving crowdfunding page

May 23, 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Financial Report
Key points: Our revenues are coming in a lot stronger than we had anticipated. Registrations and memberships are performing well above the budgeted expectations. $400+K above budget.
Overtime is high as the staff at the EO is committed to working on the backlog. Motion to move $200K to our cash portfolio. PASSES

Proposed Budget FY 2022
Motion to adopt the budget as presented with two edits ($25K to budget for a show application program & salary schedule adjustment for a vacant position at the EO). PASSES
Regional Rebates
Discussion & options on how to handle the rebates for this past show season.
Motion to accept Option 1 as presented to the Board for modified regional rebate – PASSES
Note: Great Lakes will get $800 in a regional rebate. This is approximately 50% of what we would normally get, but we have approximately 56% of the RW awards to present.
COO Update Report 1. Performance Measures2. Marketing3. New Website (launch is expected late August)4. SalesforceNote: COO Nevarez will send his complete Powerpoint to the BOD to share and also release a video to membership.

May 22, 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Note: Vicki Jo Harrison is at the EO and the ladies in the office are working overtime for us (working on the ticket backlog). Some are putting in 10-hour days. Some were there when she arrived at 6 am today, the weekend.

  • Amend Reg Rule 33.3.1 (Genetics Review of new Experimental Breeds) PASSES & GOES TO MEMBERSHIP IN FALL FOR VOTE with friendly amendment to remove the “…or 33.9.4” at the end of
  • Add New Reg Rule 33.3.2 and re-number 33.3.2 etc (Duration in Experimental Record  WITHDRAWN FOR WORK BY AUTHOR
  • Amend Reg Rules 33.3.2 and (mutation ownership voting) WITHDRAWN FOR WORK BY AUTHOR
  • Amend Reg Rule 36.6.1 and 37.2.1 (Outcrosses within Cat I)  MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES & GOES TO MEMBERSHIP IN FALL FOR VOTE
  • Amend Reg Rules, 37.6,37.8.3 (Amend Cat V Definitions) WITHDRAWN BY AUTHOR
  • Add new Reg Rule 39.16 (Transfer Documentation) with friendly amendment for the last sentence  “The breeder/seller will never have to provide this documentation until payment is made in full.”   MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES & GOES TO MEMBERSHIP IN FALL FOR VOTE
  • Amend Judging Program Article SIX (Provisional Allbreed Judge) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Motion by Amend JP 41.1.10 to read “Approving acceptance into and advancements within the Judging Program.” MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Amend Judging Program Article SEVEN (Approved Allbreed) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Amending Standing Rules 106.2.1, 106.2.2 and (Judging Committee)  WITHDRAWN FOR WORK BY AUTHOR
  • Amend Standing Rule (Selection of TICA Judging Administrator and Deputy Judging Administrator) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • Amend Standing Rule 109.1.1 (Annual Rotation) MOTION TO ACCEPT PASSES
  • APPROVED: Postpone the 2021 Annual Awards Banquet and Presentation to January 29, 2022, in Houston, TX .
    Note: TICA has a non-refundable deposit with the venue in Houston from the January 2021 banquet that will be used.
  • APPROVED: Suspend the Annual Show/Awards Banquet Guidelines for the 2021 Awards Ceremony