May 23, 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Financial Report
Key points: Our revenues are coming in a lot stronger than we had anticipated. Registrations and memberships are performing well above the budgeted expectations. $400+K above budget.
Overtime is high as the staff at the EO is committed to working on the backlog. Motion to move $200K to our cash portfolio. PASSES

Proposed Budget FY 2022
Motion to adopt the budget as presented with two edits ($25K to budget for a show application program & salary schedule adjustment for a vacant position at the EO). PASSES
Regional Rebates
Discussion & options on how to handle the rebates for this past show season.
Motion to accept Option 1 as presented to the Board for modified regional rebate – PASSES
Note: Great Lakes will get $800 in a regional rebate. This is approximately 50% of what we would normally get, but we have approximately 56% of the RW awards to present.
COO Update Report 1. Performance Measures2. Marketing3. New Website (launch is expected late August)4. SalesforceNote: COO Nevarez will send his complete Powerpoint to the BOD to share and also release a video to membership.

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