June 2019 Great Lakes Regional Meeting

June 2019 – GL REGION

I. Treasury Balance: $2807.56

a. As of April 30, the fundraiser raised over $1200!!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO


II. Another loss for our Region: Dr. Jane Swanson (Swanskovkats Norwegian Forest Cats)

a. Card at Check-In Table for Bill. b. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Planned Parenthood

http://www.weareplannedparenthood.org or the Humane Society of Greater Rochester http://www.lollypop.org/get-involved/give-today.

III. Summer Shows:

a. Buckeye Ohio Rollers (July 20-21 in Medina, OH) EARLY BIRD JUNE 15 b. Glass CiTICAts- REGIONAL (Aug 16-18 in Dayton, OH) MANGERS SPECIAL JUNE 9

i. Showhall: Fairgrounds & Events Center of Montgomery County

(Datyon, OH) ii. Hotel & Banquet: DoubleTree Suites by Hilton (Miamisburg, OH) Get your room NOW – this is a very busy weekend in Dayton! https://doubletree.hilton.com/en/dt/groups/personalized/D/DAYSSDT-CIT- 20190816/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

iii. Banquet $55/person for a lovely Hilton buffet

IV. 2018-2019 Regional Winners are finalized!

a. Full lists posted to Facebook (Files) and Yahoogroups (Files) b. Notification letters for Top 25 and Best of Breed being sent this week. c. Best of Color, 2nd of Breed & 3rd of Breed letters w/certificates coming from EO. d. EO is sending all certificates electronically to owners this year. Top 25 certificates

will be printed at given at the banquet. e. New “BW” title (automatic for this year & retroactive, with completed application and fee). https://tica.org/phocadownload/International-Breed-Award-Title- Request-revised-17Apr2019.pdf

V. Special Awards (Member, Judge, Show, etc…) going out this week with the notification

letters. Deadline to vote is July 10. GL members as of June 1 are eligible to vote.

VI. Regional Award Sponsorships: Chris Unangst, coordinator. She will have the preliminary lists available this summer, or you can contact her directly now to sponsor your favorites cats. chris.unangst@gmail.com Online form for sign-up available! Link is on Facebook (TICA Great Lakes) and on the Regional website: http://www.ticagreatlakes.com *please let Chris know by June 15 if you have an OD/OS/LA.

http://www.ticagreatlakes.com Facebook: TICA Great Lakes Yahoogroups: TICA Great Lakes

VII. Regional Photos & Sponsor Deadlines

a. Awards Booklet (photos & sponsors): July 10 b. Sponsors (plaques): July 20 c. Powerpoint: August 2 d. Send all pictures to Chris Unangst chris.unangst@gmail.com.

VIII. Optimal Selection – 15% Discount for TICA Members

a. Log-in to your TDS account. The first thing you will see across the top is your

personalized discount code. b. To order: https://www.optimal-selection.com/optimal_selection_cats/

IX. TICA Outstanding Cattery Program is BACK! You can download the evaluation and

documents at: tica.org > Resources > Our Forms > Cattery

X. 2022 TICA Annual – GREAT LAKES!

a. Proposals and bids due by the 2019 Annual (Las Vegas)

XI. 2019 Annual, Las Vegas, Nevada (Rio Hotel & Casino) Aug 31-Sept 1

a. TWO Great Lakes judges (Edith-Mary Smith and Jamie Christian). Let’s get our

judges sponsored! $700/ring. Send donations to ticaglpaypal@gmail.com with a note of what the money should be earmarked for.

XII. 2019 Election – Great Lakes Regional Director

a. Eligibility to vote: Must be at least 18 years of age, a member in good standing, a

member for a least 6 months prior to the election. b. Eligibility to run: Must have been a member, in good standing, for at least 2 years

prior. *New rules: 30 day voting period & candidates declare from June 1 – July 31.

XIII. Spring Board Meeting Minutes are posted: https://tica.org/downloads/file/540-2019-


http://www.ticagreatlakes.com Facebook: TICA Great Lakes Yahoogroups: TICA Great Lakes

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