Using TOES on!

From Vanadis Crawford (thanks, Vanadis!!)

Now that what was a standalone system for you to enter shows (aka TOES) is now part of, you might be wonder where various bits and pieces of the old TOES system have landed.

I want to manage cat information I use to enter shows. How do I do that?
To add a cat so you can enter it in a show, or change the information already in the system (add a registration number, title, etc.):

1) Go to and log in (you can use your old TOES user id/password)
2) Hover over “My TICA” at the top of the page
3) Click “My (TOES) Cats”

You will see a display similar to what you saw as “My Cats” in the old TOES site. Remember, what is in “My (TOES) Cats” is separate from what is in the TICA registration database. So, if you make a change with TICA itself, that change WILL NOT be reflected in the information used when you enter shows. Think of “My (TOES) cats” as a file cabinet of entry forms that you maintain yourself.

I want to find out what shows are coming up and add an entry or placeholder to a show.

1) Go to and LOG IN – If you aren’t logged in you cannot enter a show or see what you’ve entered (you can use your old TOES userid/password) 2) Hover over “Events” at the top of the page 3) Click “Show Calendar”
You will see the show calendar similar to what you saw in TOES in the past. As long as you are logged in you will be able to enter shows as you have done before.
NOTE: Not all shows will allow entry directly from I’m not sure how those shows will be handling entries so contact the entry clerk if you have questions for those shows. **From Liz: to be able to view the counts for upcoming shows you must be logged-in the system and then access the calendar to then view the counts.

Many thanks to Vanadis for this info!

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