Oct 2018 GL Regional Meeting Minutes

I. Welcome to new members.

II. Treasury Balance: $1272.31 a. Changes needed for next year’s Regional Awards! Thoughts and suggestions?? b. Dewane’s financial report is in the “files” section of the GL Facebook page.

III. Webmaster & Website is Changing!

IV. 2018-2019 Shows: a. Buckeye Ohio Rollers – Medina, OH (Nov 24-25) b. Glass CiTICATs – Maumee, OH (Feb 8-10) c. Showcats Columbus – Columbus, OH (March 9-10) d. Great Lakes Friends of Felines – Arlington Heights, IL (March 15-17) e. Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers – April 2019

V. 2018 Yearbook – ORDER YOURS NOW!! a. Email pictures and orders to Chris Unangst at chris.unangst@gmail.com

VI. Optimal Selection – We Hit 1000 participants! a. Possibly more coming soon – stay tuned!

VII. 2022 TICA Annual – GREAT LAKES! a. Proposals and bids due by the 2019 Annual (Las Vegas)

VIII. 2019 Annual, Las Vegas, Nevada (Rio Hotel & Casino) Aug 31-Sept 1 a. Beautiful t-shirts on sale now! Check out the regional FB page for pictures and details.

IX. Fall 2018 Member Ballot ▪ Proposal 1: Amend Bylaw 111.1.3 (Directors’ Expenses) ▪ Proposal 2: Amend Bylaw 113.2 (Membership Voting Period ▪ Proposal 3: Amend Bylaw 114.2 (Candidate Announcements) ▪ Proposal 4: Amend Bylaw 122.6.3 (Director Discipline) ▪ Proposal 5: Add Show Rules 21.17, 22.2.3, (Combined Format Shows) ▪ Proposal 6: Amend Show Rules 21.70, 21.72 (Congress Definitions) ▪ Proposal 7: Amend Show Rule (Pet Expos) ▪ Proposal 8: Amend 22.4.2 etc. (Show Licenses) ▪ Proposal 9: Amend Show Rule 24.2 (Entry Info) ▪ Proposal 10: Amend Show Rules 27.2 to 27.4 (Qualifying Finals) ▪ Proposal 11: Add Show Rule 210.13 (Exhibitor Behavior)

Facebook: TICA Great Lakes
Yahoo groups: TICA Great Lakes

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