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October 13-14, 2018
Franklin Park , IL
Prairie State Cat Club












TICA Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes






Message from Regional Director-


On behalf of Cats Rule Cat Club and the Great Lakes Region, I want to sincerely thank everyone who attended the show this past weekend & those who also contributed to the success of the show and banquet. As you can see from the list below, it truly takes the entire region to pull something like this off. I have the very best region in TICA and want to thank everyone (and congratulate the winners).

At that first meeting our founding members present included: Georgia Morgan, Larry Paul, Arthel Scheuermann, Jim Costello, Les Hight, and Jeannie Jeffrey. Many of these members present later served as elected officers for TICA.

They came up with six (6) primary objectives:
1. computerization of the membership data and all cat registrations,
2. a genetically based registration system,
3. establishment of the HHP division,
4. a bi-monthly publication, later named the TICA Trend, where TICA’s first motto “TICA – a Trend for the Future” originated,
5. a quality, hard-backed Yearbook,
6. professional training and development of judges, including the requirement of annual CEUs,
7. and the establishment of Regional and Annual Awards banquets.

TICA became part of the World Cat Congress, the 9 largest cat associations, when it was formed in 1996, and our own Georgia Morgan, the first lady of TICA, was responsible for writing the mission statement of the World Cat Congress that still exists.

TICA truly maintains and supports the same friendly attitude in our shows as our founding members envisioned, which probably helped President Vickie Fisher come up with our current motto, “For Fabulous Felines, Fun and Friendships.” As previously mentioned, TICA originally recognized 32 breeds, and we now recognize 70 “fabulous breeds”.

TICA now has 15 regions, including the International Region. And, TICA has celebrated 38 Annual Awards shows with the first being held in Pasadena, California. The 39th will be held on Labor Day weekend in just a few weeks in Birmingham, Alabama (if you are a GL member and going, please let me know) with our very own Chris Unangst as the GL representative judge. TICA has also held two Annual Awards celebrations in Canada, one in Germany and one in Austria. Semi-annuals or Winter Meetings have been held in Japan, Belgium, and Colombia.

This year in Birmingham, we have international winners from all 14 regions including our International Region.

At the banquet in Wilmington, Ohio, in August, we celebrated the Great Lakes Region. The Great Lakes Region has 7 active clubs, and last show season those clubs hosted 22 shows with a total of 3196 entries in 102 AB rings and 30 SP rings.

Of the 70 breeds that TICA recognizes, last show season at the international level, 6 Best of Breed Cats, 8 Best of Breed Kittens, and 7 Best of Breed Alters are from the Great Lakes Region. And, at the Annual this year, 2 of our Great Lakes HHP Kittens, 3 HHP Adult, 3 Alters, 1 Kittens, 0 SH Cats, 2 LH Cats, and 2 Allbreed Championship Cats will be honored and recognized in the top 25 Internationally. the Great Lakes Region is truly a competitive region, so if your cat obtained a title last year, it is truly an accomplishment.

I also want to recognize all of the amazing regional volunteers (please know you are greatly appreciated):

Hosts: Showcats Columbus
Awards Letters: Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin (MA)
Awards Verification: Lori Dominick
Banquet Program Design: Donna Maddox
Banquet Slideshow Presentation: Chris Unangst
Regional Awards Banquet Coordinator: Ginger Gunlock
Regional Awards Banquet Decorations: Nichole Kelland
Regional Awards Banquet Photographer: Helmi Flick (pictures available through Sept 18)
Awards Presenters: Chase and Vivian Kerr, Harley DeVilbiss, Anthony Hutcherson
Speakers: Debbie Lopeman (x3), Cory Crandall-Seibert, Chuck & Christie Becker, Chris Unangst, Angela Ng, Emmons Brown, Katy Kinowski, Barb Martinec, Dawn Faust, Heather Lorimer, Heather Pedersen, Mary Reiss, Lorna Friemoth

Thanks to Gladys DiNunzio and Marilyne Gregg (from the MA region) for their help in setting up the awards banquet with me.


*Judge of the Year: Rick Hoskinson
*Clerk of the Year: Jan Poole
*Show of the Year: Showcats Columbus "All About Cats" Expo
*Member of the Year: Chuck Becker
*Rescue of the Year, The Linus Award: IW SGM Charlie Chaplin (loved by Brittany Dailey)
*Piggy of the Year (to the persons earning the most Top 25, Best of Breed and Best of Color awards): Chuck & Christie Becker
**Who You Should Know: Kelli Hallifax
**Jim Becknell Award: IW SGM Charlie Chaplin

**These awards were done by members in our region. If you have an award you would like to give out in the future, please let me know.

It truly takes a village for an awards night to come together. Thank you to all who helped, attended, entered our shows and supported the Great Lakes region!

Finally, I offer up my sincere congratulations to all of the winners and hope that you enjoyed the show in Wilmington.

Liz Hansen
Great Lakes Regional Director

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Attention Great Lakes Members...

The EO is working hard to reduce the number of credits folks have (to keep the IRS happy).
If your name is on the list, you have a credit with TICA. If you would like to know the amount, please email Liz Hansen (

How to use the credit:

1. If you have a TDS Online account, your credit is automatically deducted from Membership, Membership Renewal, Litter Registration and Kitten Registration services. If you do not have a TDS Online account, you may go to and follow the steps to set up a free account.

2. If you would like to apply your credit to other services, including pedigrees, etc., simply deduct your credit from the total service amount and remit the difference - note that you are applying your credit.

Please help us do some spring cleaning and spend your credit!


Liz Hansen
Regional Director- Great Lakes
The International Cat Association

Follow this link for the list of credits...
List of Names




Photos by Preston Smith Photography   |   Copyright © 2006-2012 Liz Hansen